Why Have So Many People Died In The Blue Hole Dahab?

So why?

Are you fond of diving? As a sport, diving can be as extreme as you wanted it to be. This remains a safe sport provided that you stay within your limits, you are well informed about the diving location, you have the right gear, and you follow the usual buddy system.

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There are numerous diving sites in the world where things can get more challenging and exciting, and divers tend to seek out for more water adventures. If you are one of those hungry adventurers seeking to dive somewhere where you can use your diving skills, you can consider a famous dive site – the Blue Hole in Dahab.

Blue Hole Dahab is a well-known diving location in southeast Sinai, just a few kilometers north of Dahab, Egypt. It lies in the coast of the Red Sea. Though some find this diving spot one of the most beautiful and exciting places to dive in, many recognize Blue Hole Dahab as one of the deadliest diving sites in the world. In fact, this is called “The Diver’s Cemetery.”

Why Do Lots of Divers Die in the Blue Hole Dahab?

This underwater cathedral nestled at the edge of the famous Red Sea is undeniably one of the most dangerous spots for diving in the whole world. Even expert divers will agree with this statement. But what really lies behind this diving site’s fearsome reputation and what could be the reason behind the death of many divers?

Some reliable sources revealed that Blue Hole Dahab had claimed the lives of more or less 200 divers in recent years. Some say that one of the reasons for these hundreds of death is that divers are enchanted by the breathtaking underwater beauty. This takes their mind to the extent that divers forgot their oxygen percentage which results in their sudden death. Due to the alarming number of deaths, Egyptian authorities only permit snorkeling and diving is just allowed to highly qualified divers who dive with certified and reliable diving instructions.

Another surprising revelation that somehow explains the reason of death is that diving in Blue Hole Dahab can be disorienting. Some divers reported and revealed seeing the light that emerges from a tunnel, and they mistakenly believe that this was the surface and swum deeply down. At that depth, it becomes impossible to succumb to a condition that is known as nitrogen narcosis wherein breathing gases at higher pressure seriously cause mental impairment and physical impairment at times. Some doctors revealed that in scuba divers, the nitrogen narcosis is often referred to as the “Martini Effect”. This is a condition wherein as divers go deeper, the intoxication increases in a similar way as drinking alcohol.

Never Underestimate the Dangers of Blue Hole Dahab


One of the common problems that lead to serious dangers to divers is their lack of knowledge about the risks and dangers posed by a particular diving site. In case of Blue Hole Dahab, danger seems to be blown out of proportion seeing how easy it is to enter and dive without thinking what could lie next as divers go deeper.

Ensure that you will not get completely confident when there is no disturbing currents and water is temperate and calm. Never allow a sense of security to take off your mind from what you have learned prior to diving in the Blue Hole Dahab. It’s absolutely crucial to stay focused and extra careful all throughout the dive.